Maryborough West



February 28 2006

Maryborough West is located on the north coast approximately a five hour train trip north of Brisbane. It's the junction for the short branch into Maryborough and the Wharf Branch that still sees a small amount of traffic to the EDI/Walkers plant - the locomotive and rolling stock manufacturers.

Maryborough West was a crew depot for Queensland Rail drivers and a branchline loco was assigned there for shunting purposes. When Pacific National began operating in Queensland the Maryborough West drivers were offered redundancies or transfer to other depots.

Even after the crew changes Maryborough West retained its shunting locomotive and on February 28 the shunting locomotive was 1744D - a member of the 1720 class - and there were several other interesting locomotives in and around the yard.

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2470 class
Maryborough West Queensland Rail
Pacific National PN Class loco at Maryborough West

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