Maryborough West

Heading South


The arrival of Pacific National saw a lot of changes on the North Coast line. Not the least of these changes was the closure of the driver's depot at Maryborough West. Ironically this south bound Pacific National train is being driven by an ex Queensland Rail driver who worked out of the Maryborough West depot.

The PN class is an almost direct copy of the Queensland Rail's 4000 class. Like the 4000 class the PNs were built by EDI/Walker at Maryborough and were delivered over the tightly curved Wharf branch. PN010 was delivered on 12 May 2005 and entered revenue service on 20 May when it hauled it's first train north out of Brisbane.

These locomotives are powered by EMD mover.
Technical Details
Horsepower 3300 (2450kW)
Starting Tractive Effort 540kN
Continuous Tractive Effort 460kN
Wheel Arrangement Co-Co
Total Weight 120 tonnes
Road numbers 001 - 013

PN10 waiting on an up goods at Maryborough West