Maryborough West

In the Yard


3922 was sitting in the yard when we arrived. It was a rare find and had obviously been released from EDI/Walkers not all that long before we visited Maryborough West.

There was a time when thne 39 class electrics were quite common on the North Coast line running both passenger and goods trains but in late 2003 Queensland Rail decided to move them all into coal working. Some did linger on in their old rosters during 2005 but by the end of that year all 30 in the class had been moved to central Queensland.

During late 2005 and early 2006 a number of these locos made the trip back to EDI/Walkers for various upgrades.

The 39 class locomotives were built by EDI/Walkers at a time when Walkers was under the control of Clyde Engineering. These locomotives were the result of a joint partnership between Swedish firm ASEA and Clyde Engineering and included design features that would allow them to perate within the loading gauge in force in the suburbs of Brisbane.

The first of these locomotives entered service on 5 September 1988.

Technical Details
Horsepower 3890 (2900kW)
Starting Tractive Effort 84100 lb (375kN)
Continuous Tractive Effort 58940 lb (260kN)
Wheel Arrangement Bo-Bo-Bo
Total Weight 107.8 tons (109.8 tonnes)
Road numbers 3901 - 3930