Maryborough West

Shunting 1


1744D is a member of Queensland Railways 1720 class. This class of loco was introduced in 1966 and the 56 members of the class have now seen service throughout the state.

Even today you will see 1720 class locos on everything from first class passenger trains to lowly shunt jobs as you see here. These units were built by Clyde Engineering and were powered by an EMD 8-645E engine.

All locos were delivered in a similar paint scheme to that worn by 1744D but when this photo was taken this loco was one of the few remaining in the original blue and white.

Technical Details
Horsepower 1000 (745kW)
Starting Tractive Effort 39650 lb (176kN)
Continuous Tractive Effort 33600 lb (149(kN)
Wheel Arrangement Co-Co
Total Weight 61 tons (62 tonnes)
Road numbers 1720-1775

QR loco 1744D in original blue livery shunting at Maryborough West