Railway History


Railway Locations

There are many interesting railway locations around Australia and we've had the good fortune to visit quite a few of them as far back as the steam days. You will find photos taken around those locations here and we'll be updating these pages from time to time.

This is where we currently live. The Queensland rail scene has always been a little different to the southern states but it's still just as exciting and interesting ... and it's loaded with history.

EDI/Walkers Engineering in Maryborough - They've been building locomotives for over 150 years

Maryborough West in February 2006 - at that time it was still a busy station on Queensland's main north coast line

New South Wales
New South Wales is where I grew up and lived for many years. I was out with my camera towards the end of steam and you will see some of those early photos here

The Central West Express 1977 to 1986 - not a location but a transformation.

Railway History
Some things are difficult to categorise and pin down to just one state.

The Comeng Book - not quite a catalogue but it's full of photos and line drawings from around 1982 and scans from that book are being added here from time to time.