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Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive
(Also known as the WAGR B Class Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive)

Narrow-gauge, hood-type 0-6-0 shunting locomotive rated at 396/353kW (531/473HP)

WAGR B class diesel hydraulic locomotive

"The unit is powered by a Cummins engine driving through a three-stage converter and clutch to a final drive reversing gearbox and jack shaft. Drive to the wheels from the flycrank is by forged coupling rods. Suspension is by laminated leaf springs on top of each axle box. Compensation is provided between the leading and intermediate axles.

"The engine is mouned rigidly on the main frame and is fitted with twin oil-bath cleaners. Two radiator panels are mounted vertically. one on each side of the hood at the opposite end top the driver's cab.

"The radiator fan drive is hydrostatic. The locomotive is fitted with both air and vacuum braking systems.

"The lightweight superstructure features a high cab and low hood profile to provide the driver with the best possible view in both directions. The cab is fitted with dual controls so that the locomotive can be driven in either direction.

"The whole superstructure is bolted to the all-welded steel underframe. All hood components can be lifted off to give complete access to the equipment during overhaul. Side doors are provided in the hood for normal day-to-day inspection."

Ten of these locomotives entered service with the WAGR between March 1962 and November 1965. All are now out of service and four have been preserved. You can find more information about the WAGR B Class diesel hydraulic locomotive here.

8601 line drawing

Gauge 1067mm
Starting tractive effort (10 second rating) 102kN
Mean tractive effort (5 minute rating) 315kN
Continuous tractive effort (full field) 80kN at 10km/h
Maximum speed 42km/h
Engine Cummins VT-12-BI four stroke turbo-charged 12 cyclinder Vee type, rated at 396kW at 1900rpm
Converter Twin Disck CF11,500 series heavy duty MS450 hydraulic torque converter
Final drive Wiseman 15 RLGB/H
Total weight 39.8 tonnes
Fuel capacity 1547 litres
Sand 0.7 cu m.


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