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D.C. Electric Locomotive - Model CL627A
(Also known as the NSW 86 class)

All purpose heavy duty 1500V d.c. Co-Co electric locomotive with a one hour rating of 3328kW (4460 hp)

8601 on a goods train

"The locomotives are designed for operation of up to four units in multiple and, on grades of up to 1 in 30, are capable of handling loads of 2400 tonnes ascending and 3000 tonnes descending.

Two identical full-width cabs are provided ... both of which are fully air-conditioned."

"Traction control equipment is housed in a high-tension compartment access towhich is through a door interlocked with the pantographs and the main isolating switch."

"The Dofasco bogies have cast steel one-piece frames without separate bolsters. Primary springing is by coils above the axle boxes, and secondary support is by four sandwich ribber pads on each bogie mounted directly between the bogie and the underframe."

8601 line drawing

Gauge 1435mm
Starting tractive effort (10 second rating) 420kN
Mean tractive effort (5 minute rating) 315kN
Continuous tractive effort (full field) 240kN
Continuous tractive effort @ 60km/h 170kN
Continuous regenerative brake effort (70km/h to 30km/h) 200kN (2300kW maximum)
Maximum speed 130km/h
One hour rated power 3328kW (4460 HP)
Continuous rated power 3132kW (4198 HP)
Line voltage 1450d.c.
Electric tranction equipment Mitsubishi Electric
Traction motors Mitsubishi MB-485-BVR
Gear ratio 79:20
Axle load (Maximum) 20 tonnes
Weight (unballasted) 115 tonnes
Weight (Maximum) 120 tonnes
Ride index Average: (90-100km/h) 2.5 vertical, 2.4 lateral


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