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Diesel Electric Locomotive - Model CE615
(also known as the NSW Railways 80 class)

Heavy duty mainline Co-Co diesel electric locomotive rated at 1604/1492kW (2150/2000HP)

Hammersley Iron CM636 locomotive

The first order for this class of loco was for 30 units but that was later increased to 50delivered to the New South Railways between 1978 and 1983 and they marked the introduction to the New South Wales Railways of air conditioning in the cabs for added crew comfort.

I first encountered the class sometime around 1981 when a friend invited me up to Orange to have a look at the 80 class that had been sent up for crew training. Sitting up there in the cab was an interesting experience and perhaps encouraged me to find something appealing in their beefy appearance.

Beefy looks don't always translate into a powerful loco and the 80 class not well-liked by the crew - although they would rarely turn down the chance to ride in air conditioned comfort. And regardless of whether the crews liked them or not, Comeng was proud of them.

"These locomotives were powered by an Alco 251CE engine is coupled directly to the main generator."

"The Dofasco bogies are of a one-piece cast steel frame with no separate bolster. The locomotive is supported directly at each end of the bogie frames by means of four sandwich rubber pads. Primary suspension is by means of coil springs above the axle boes

The locomotive has two identical driver's cabs, one at each end, and both are fully air conditioned. One cab has a toilet and washroom attached, and a corridor is provided through the equipment compartments giving access from one cab to the other

The cab and superstructure are mounted on an all-welded underframe consisting of two rolled steel beam cnetre sills and fabricated bolster and draw pockets.

Body panelling is in glass reinforced plastic."

For a locomotive made outof plastic they have had a long life and at the time of writing (April 2007) a number are still in service with several different operators.

Hammersley Iron CM636 line drawing

Gauge 1435mm
Tractive effort at 30% adhesion 356kN
Tractive effort at 20% adhesion 237.3kN
Continuous tractive effort at 18.6km/h 273kN
Continuous tractive effort @ 60km/h 130kN
Maximum speed 130km/h
Engine Alco 251CE Vee formation 12 cylinder, 4 stroke, 229mm borex267mm stroke
Engine speed - Idle 400rpm
Engine speed - Max 1050rpm
Engine power 1604kW (2150HP)
Power for traction 1492kW (2000HP)
Electric traction equipment Mitsubishi Electric
Traction alternator Mitsubishi 2-B2_288P-01
Traction motors (6) Mitsubishi MB-451_BUR
Gear ratio 67:17
Axle load 20.16 tonnes
Total weight 121 tonnes
Fuel oil 5,400 litres
Cooling water 980 litres
Sand 0.57 cubic metres


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