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Diesel Electric Locomotive - Model CM636

Heavy duty diesel electric Co-Co hood-type freight locomotive rated at 2909/2686kW (3900/3600HP)

Hammersley Iron CM636 locomotive

These locomotives were a rebuild of some units built by the original Alco licensee in Australia - A. E. Goodwin Ltd up until 1974 when Goodwin's closed and the license passed to Comeng.

These locomotives were powered by an Alco 251F engine is coupled directly to the main generator .

"The full width air-conditioned cab is at one end only, and provides the driver with an 180 degree range of vision ... Acess is via a central door at the front, or by either of the two side doors off the walkway alongside the hood.

The spacious layout of the cab includes a small washroom and toilet."

The cab on these rebuilt locos was a local design known as the Pilbara cab. They were designed to give the crews added comfort in the extreme conditions that these locos had to operate in.

Hammersley Iron CM636 line drawing

Gauge 1435mm
Tractive effort at 30% adhesion 561kN
Tractive effort at 20% adhesion 374kN
Continuous tractive effort at 18.6km/h 403kN
Continuous tractive effort @ 60km/h 170kN
Maximum speed 113km/h
Engine Alco 251F Vee formation 16 cylinder, 4 stroke, turbo-supercharged
Engine speed - Idle 400rpm
Engine speed - Max 1100rpm
Engine power 2909kW (3900HP)
Power for traction 2686kW (3600HP)
Traction alternator Type 5GTA11
Traction motors Type 5B752
Gear ratio 74:18
Axle load 31.8 tonnes
Total weight 190 tonnes
Fuel oil 20,000 litres
Cooling water 1513 litres
Sand 1.7 cubic metres


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