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The historic village of Richmond is less than an hour's drive north of Hobart. It was officially named in 1824 and became an important centre for the surrounding district and a resting place on the journey between Hobart and Port Arthur.

In 1825 the first part of what was to become Richmond Gaol was constructed.Today the restored Gaol is an important tourist attraction but it is a gloomy building set amongst trees and obtaining a good photo of the building is difficult.

Many buildings around Richmond are of solid sandstone construction, all of it quarried from nearby Butcher's Hill.

Many of the orginal cottages still remain as family homes in the village. Others have been converted into comfortable tourist accommodation.

Richmond bridge - the oldest road bridge in Australia still in regular use. It was built in 1823 by convict labour and provided an important link between Hobart and the penal settlement at Port Arthur.

The direct route that exists today did not become available until the opening of the Sorrell causeway in 1872.

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St Luke's Anglican Church - built in 1834 and still in regular use today.
Richmond is well known for it's fine food outlets that can be found in some of the heritage buildings along the main street
The local pub - beautifully restored both inside and out. The meals here are memorable.
Richmond is a haven for artists and craftsmen and many of them can be found in the historic shops that line the main street of this historic village.
Local craftsman can be found working throughout the village, not just in the main street. Time spent wandering the back streets is always well rewarded.

Richmond is also well known for it's ghosts, there are at least three associated with the bridge, one with a very evil reputation is said to inhabit number 3 cell in the men's section of the Gaol and a number of the historic houses along the main street and around the village have resident ghosts.

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