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Mount Wellington

The city of Hobart is dominated by Mount Wellington. It is hard to find a spot in the city or suburbs from which the mountain cannot be seen. It certainly is imposing and it is little wonder that many people are fascinated by the mountain. The mountain changes with the season and the time of day.

The mountain is a popular tourist destination and it provides extraordinary views out over the city and down the river to the sea. A narrow road winds its way up the side of the mountain to a sheltered viewing station at the summit. Several telecommunications towers can also be found on top of the mountain - the most recent a towering piece of concrete that can be seen plainly in some of these photos.

The vegetation at the top of the mountain is typically alpine which is understandable when you look at some of these photos. During winter the mountain is often covered in snow and even when the slopes are snow-free there is always some to be found right at the summit. The path taken by the road to the summit can be clearly seen in these photos as it winds its way across the face of the mountain.

Looking at these two photos you would be forgiven for thinking that the slopes of the mountain were on fire. In fact a terrible bushfire did sweep across the high and low slopes of the mountain in 1967 destroying much of the vegetation.

Sadly, because of the climate, this vegetation will never regenerate and the high slopes are dotted with the dead trunks of trees destroyed in the fire. Some of them can be seen above the house roof in the photo on the right.

On this occasion however there was no fire, just an incredible sunrise that burnished the slopes of the mountain.

One of the outstanding features of the mountain is what is known as the organ pipes. The flute-like formations seen in these photos.

The flutes are a popular attraction for climbers who want to test their skills against the mountain.

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