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Mon Repos Beach

This is Mon Repos Beach, a quiet spot just north of Bagara and east of Bundaberg in Queensland. It hardly looks like a place that would attract hundreds of tourists in the middle of the night does it?

Fishing at Mon Repos

In May it looks like this

Surfing at Mon Repos

and this

Mon Repos

Just a few people surfing, fishing and walking on the sand. But twice a year after the sun goes down hundreds of people descend on this beach to watch two amazing displays of nature.

You see, Mon Repos beach is the home to the largest concentration of nesting marine turtles on the east coast of Australia. Among those turtles is the most significant nesting population of the endangered loggerhead turtle in the South Pacific Ocean region

From November to March each year visitors can see nesting and hatching turtles on the beach night. During that period visitors access the beach at night under controlled conditions.

Mon Repos Interpretation Centre

And this interpretation centre is available for all visitors.

Access to Mon Repos is quite easy and well sign-posted. It's approximately 14km east of Bundaberg over good roads.

Mon Repos map
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