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Burrum Heads

Burrum Heads is just 35km north of Hervey Bay and if you're looking for a sea change then Burrum Heads is the place you need to think about heading for.

It has all the atmosphere of a small town and that makes it a great place to retire to or to bring up your kids. It's just 25 minutes away from a major airport, a major hospital and a daily fast-train service to Brisbane as well as department stores and all the attractions of Hervey Bay.

If you're in Burrum Heads then schools are nearby and if you pick the right place to buy then you're within easy walking distance of the beach, river and lake and the fishing is superb. And when you're not fishing, swimming or sailing there's supermarket, specialty stores and service station right in the centre of town.

The beach at Burrum Heads
An aerial view of Burrum Heads looking out towards Fraser Island

Dolphin Waters Estate prides itself on providing affordable seaside living and this is one estate in Burrum Heads where your investment is secure and many people have already bought land or house and land packages there. Check their website for the estate plan and all the information you need to help you make the decision to change your lifestyle.

And this is the lifestyle that you could be enjoying in Burrum Heads:

Great fishing in Burrum Heads
Whether you like fish in the lakes, the river or off the beach then you'll find
whatever you want at Burrum Heads and the lakes are in the Dolphin Waters Estate

Recreational activities in Burrum Heads
There's plenty to keep everyone of all ages occupied in Burrum Heads - there's
even a lawn bowls club that welcomes the community to its events.

The beach at Burrum Heads
And of course there's the beach at Burrum Heads - it's beautiful all year round.

See more of the Burrum Heads lifestyle on the Dolphin Waters Estate website.




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